October 5

This Is the Shortest Life Advice I Can Give You

Short advice can change your life. 

I once felt overwhelmed about something so I decided to ask one of the toughest, most impressive people I know for input.

My mother replied with a two-liner:

Short life advice from my mother

"Einfach machen..."

If you don’t understand German, you’re likely wondering what secret wisdom she might have imparted on me. 

Was my mother referencing Kant? Hegel? Schopenhauer?

No, not exactly.

What my mother shared with me is wisdom that you’ve heard before. Wisdom that has been marketed, trademarked, and commercialized.

But wisdom is wisdom.

Here's my mother's short life advice, translated into English:

"Just do it."

Put this into practice and it will change your life.

(Here are more short words that can change your life.)

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Short can be powerful. 

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