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Make a Difference AND a Living!

Helping good people (such as yourself!) make a positive difference in the world so that you can do good and do well. 

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All it takes to get out of a negative mindset is to focus on something that’s so beautiful it’s almost transcendental…like these 5 quotes.

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This quick process that will help you plan your day for maximum productivity. Find out why you need to trick your brain and what Latin has to do with it.

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​In this ridiculously long blog post, I share what I learned over half a decade about how to stop reading the news.

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Discover the 3 main reasons for impostor syndrome and how to overcome them so that you can be a confident badass and go for what you most want.

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Better Business

The Relativity of Money Theory: Are You Earning “Enlivening” Money?
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Positive Procrastination Is the Secret Sauce to Make You More Productive
As Writers, We’re Kind of Predatory Towards People and the Moment
Why Does Most Entrepreneurial Advice Come From Privileged White American Businessmen?

Better World

Kantian vs. Utilitarian Ethics: a Life Lesson from Dead Cicadas
Jesus Has a PR Problem: “Christians”
3 Tips for More Inclusive Writing That Makes Your Readers Feel Welcome
Course Scholarships: Equality Matters
This Is “Rainbow,” the Most Anticipated Cup of Tea In My Life
South Park is Right; the Vaccination Hunger Games Are Exhausting

About Leader for Good


I'm  Berenike, founder of Leader for Good. 

I want to help you make positive changes in your life that also help others. 

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Brian Whetten

"...I wholeheartedly recommend [Berenike's] book to help you start on a transformational journey of doing your deepest work in the world and growing into the person you were meant to be."

Brian Whetten, Ph.D. 

CEO of Core Coaching and Bestselling Author of “Yes Yes Hell No—The Little Book for Making Big Decisions”

Sondra Kornblatt

"Berenike is a wise mastermind for how to work with passion and purpose.

Sondra Kornblatt

Author of “Restful Insomnia” and “Brain Fitness for Women”

Sign up to receive our emails, starting with our free, 3-part video series (a 30 USD value!) that will show you how to can start doing what you love.