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Why You Need to Share Your Gifts as Soon as You Can

This week I learned a crucial lesson about sharing one’s gifts. What happened was what I can only refer to as a digital “freak accident”: while trying to…

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5 Awe-Inspiring Quotes for When You Need a Little Inspiration

All it takes to get out of a negative mindset is to focus on something that’s so beautiful it’s almost transcendental…like these 5 quotes.

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What Is It That You Owe Your Loved Ones?

My mother’s heart attacks, a TV show, and the title of an ethics book showed me how we can all get what we most want. Learn the secret here!

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Being a Quitter Is One of the Best Ways to Approach Your Life

Sometimes, quitting is the best thing you can do for your career, your health, or your life. Find out about 2 times when it pays off to be a quitter!

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How to Embrace Reduction in a World of Excess

In our quest for a better life, we so often focus on what to add. But what if it were just as important to let go off things? If you are ready to move beyond the busyness and hustle, cut down on these things to bring about peace in your life.

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How to Plan Your Day for Maximum Productivity

This quick process that will help you plan your day for maximum productivity. Find out why you need to trick your brain and what Latin has to do with it.

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9 Tips on How to Achieve Better Work-Life Balance

Find out how to achieve better work-life balance so that you can have the life you really want while also being really productive at work.

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How to Find Your Superpower and Stop It From Ruining Your Life

Good news: you have a superpower! Bad news: it comes with a great challenge. Find out how to keep your superpower from destroying your life!

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We’re All Addicted to Bad News. Here’s How to Stop.

​In this ridiculously long blog post, I share what I learned over half a decade about how to stop reading the news.

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Memento Mori: What Death Is Teaching Me at the End of a Decade

I spent yesterday in a daze, randomly bursting into tears from time to time. ​It was a heartbreaking, rude reminder of memento mori​ ​(Latin: “remember…

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