American astronaut

Dear America, Here’s What This Alien Wants You to Know

In 2016, I suddenly found myself in the midst of a civil war. This was surprising to me. After all, I hadn’t time-traveled to the Earth’s past. All I had done was move to the United States from my native habitat.

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Black Lives Matter demonstration

A Legal Analysis of the Statement That “Blue Lives Matter”

From a human rights perspective, there are important differences between “Black Lives Matter” and “Blue Lives Matter.” A lawyer (yours truly!) explains them in 2 minutes.

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How to create true win wins - Forget win-win.

How to Create True Win-Wins? Forget About Win-Win! [Video]

Find out why aiming for win-win often doesn’t work in negotiations… and what to do instead. This will help you negotiate better outcomes for everyone!

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Soccer ball and trophy

Be More Productive with the Power of Playfulness

Find out how what we can learn from research and top athletes about the “goldilock’s zone of pressure”… and how playfulness can make you more productive.

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Do more and donate

Effective Altruism: How Small Donations Can Change Someone’s Life

Want to do some good in the world by donating money to a cause? Your donations might be unhelpful— here’s what you need to consider.

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Black Lives Matter sign

Black Lives Matter: This Is About Human Rights, Not Politics

There is nothing that should be controversial about a statement such as “Black Lives Matter.” Here’s a summary of the human rights situation in 6 sentences.

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Boat on the shore

You Don’t Need to Be Productive Right Now

Are you struggling to remain productive while things are falling apart around you? Here’s some counter-cultural productivity advice for unprecedented times.

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Building with a balloon behind it

Why You Need to Share Your Gifts as Soon as You Can

This week I learned a crucial lesson about sharing one’s gifts. What happened was what I can only refer to as a digital “freak accident”: while trying to…

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5 Awe-Inspiring Quotes for When You Need a Little Inspiration

All it takes to get out of a negative mindset is to focus on something that’s so beautiful it’s almost transcendental…like these 5 quotes.

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A group of people together

What Is It That You Owe Your Loved Ones?

My mother’s heart attacks, a TV show, and the title of an ethics book showed me how we can all get what we most want. Learn the secret here!

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