My clients often surprise me by sharing about inspirational changes they have made in their lives. Below you will find some of their stories, as well as feedback about my group offerings.

What my coaching clients say about working with me:

In this video, my client Tara shares that she got engaged and that her relationships improved so much that she got a bit overwhelmed... because suddenly everyone wants to spend time with her. She mentioned that it is a "good problem" to have: 

Attila Majer

"In the beginning, I was just playing with the idea of hiring Bere as my coach because I had concerns such as "who am I to work with a coach?" and "how can I afford it?" 

After having worked with her for a few months, the questions I've been asking myself have changed a lot and I have gained really valuable insights. For instance, I used to think that I could either focus my energy on my marriage or my business. Through our work, I've started to realize that both are possible and I've taken steps to improve both. Realizing that these are not mutually exclusive was a huge shift for me! 

I’ve also grown a lot from the inner work we did together. I'm more authentic than before and better at accepting myself. I'm also owning my needs now, including in my business where I used to have problems setting boundaries with clients. That's really getting easier for me to do which makes my work with my clients more enjoyable. 

For me, these inner changes are the most important part of the work Bere and I did together because it impacts every area of my life, from my relationships to my business. I'm feeling like I'm in a better place now which is great!"

Attila Majer, Hungary


"I worked with Bere for six months. About two years later, I can say that permanent changes have happened for me as a result of the work we did together. Today, I feel more secure and happier.

Bere assisted me in valuing myself more and I got in touch with a lot more self-esteem. I realized that it’s not beneficial for me to take care of other people as much as I had been doing. 

I was also able to let go of relationships that I didn’t really want to be in and that just weren’t fulfilling. It’s so easy to stay in something that’s not worthwhile. Through working with Bere, I was able to step away from that. 

Bere also helped me leave a complicated work situation in a pretty good way. As a result of me working with her, the stressful time of losing a position turned into something that was better for me. 

I stabilized my life and made my own practice as an accountant more important. I really love the clients I work with now!

Debbie Siegelman, United States

When I started coaching with Bere, I was at a point in my life when everything was going well. I had achieved financial stability in my work situation. You could say that I had arrived. At the same time, I was aware that I didn’t feel fulfilled and that I felt overworked. The idea of doing the same thing for the next 40 years just didn’t feel like an option for me. 

When I first reached out to Bere, I was looking for something that would combine my job with my calling. At the same time, I was also wondering how to continue increase the quality of my life. Then I realized that my desire to change things wasn’t limited to my work situation but that it extended to my whole life. Through the goal clarification process with Bere, I noticed that for me, family is also part of what I most wanted in my life.

My situation has changed radically in the year or so that Bere and I have been working together. Not only did I get pregnant for the first time, I also moved twice, developed a closer relationship to my partner and started my blog where I write about family life and happiness. As a result of these changes in my family situation, I’m developing something with my blog that I can also pursue professionally in the longer term. My original intention and what came afterward go together hand in hand.

I made some big internal shifts that resulted in improvements in my outer life. I have less stress, more joy and I’m clearer about what I want. I’ve achieved my goal of working less.

In the beginning, I was concerned that I might be putting too much pressure on myself with doing the coaching alongside a full-time job and if I could handle the time commitment. Then I realized that I wanted to do the coaching because it relaxes me and because it helps me.

For me, an important process happened last year really quickly, without me feeling overloaded by it. I felt supported the whole time. Even though so much happened, it didn’t feel that way. I attribute this to the coaching with Bere which really helped me to not feel overwhelmed in the face of all these changes.

Anne, Germany

Chris Stewart

"In my case I look back and can see a clear shift occurred around the welcoming others to support and celebrate me. Last year I spontaneously got more testimonials, FB post shares etc. than ever before.

A real 180-degree change.

I did some work on the topic too but I think the work I did with you was the clincher that REALLY made the difference. So thank you!"

Chris C. Stewart, Australia

Andrew Garrett

"Before working with Bere I was feeling stuck in an emotional rut. I've noticed big shifts starting to show up in my life. I highly recommend working with Bere, she's got a magic touch!"

Andrew Garrett, United States

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Ken, United States

"Before I started working together with Bere, I was very confused and really unsure about my future. I was wondering if what I was doing was something I'd be happy with later in my life. I felt I was putting a lot of effort into something and I wasn't sure if I was working towards something that I wanted.

While I was interested in what Bere was doing, I was also concerned if it was worth the price tag. However, I realized that the value you get out of it is what you put into it. The work we did together also helped me to more effectively negotiate for a salary raise. By increasing my income, the coaching basically paid for itself within the first month. 

Today, I feel great. In addition to having created positive external changes in different areas of my life, I feel that what I'm doing now is meaningful. I'm thinking that wherever I'm going now will lead me to somewhere where I will be satisfied later on. I feel that I'm on the right path and doing work that I enjoy. Compared to before, I really love my work!

Stella Estevez, Ph.D., United States

"Bere is a fabulous coach. I got tremendous personal value from her coaching sessions. She is caring, very intuitive and knowledgeable about useful and cutting-edge tools. She led a "polarity session" with me that helped me find and maintain a middle ground when I feel pulled into opposing and demanding situations requiring many activities to be handled simultaneously. 

The session and what I learned from it has helped me to regain my balance as soon as I get again in conflicting, demanding situations like that. I strongly recommend Bere. She delivers value and caring all in one."

Carol Mitchell, South Africa

"I am noticing that I can be present in situations where I would have reacted or been upset and I can feel a wonderful sense of calm. I am also more aware of what energy I want to be in my family life and in each moment. Being more present is huge and more able to tap into loving myself and staying in that feeling."

Dee Foster, UK

"Whereas before I would worry about bills etc, now I feel such calm, knowing that as I give out more will come back to me. I feel relaxed not just around money though, but within everything else. I now feel that I am worth it, and feel so empowered and wonderful for saying that."

Anne Jenett, Canada

"Working with Bere has been such a pleasure. She is so very attentive and genuinely caring. Her questions show a lot of insight. It is obvious that she loves what she is doing and that she is good at it. I recommend working with Bere. It is refreshing, renewing and re-energizing. And things start to shift!!! Thank you Bere!"

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Externally verified testimonials

These are testimonials my clients submitted on a coaching platform (coach.me) whose system verifies clients' reviews.

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Want a similar experience? Find out how you can work with me here.

Want a similar experience? Find out how you can work with me here.

Testimonials and feedback for my group offerings (facilitation and speeches)

What organizers say:

Tony Stubblebine
Testimonial from Tony

"...Not to mention the expert facilitation of Bere Schriewer. If you don't know Bere yet, you will be amazed."

Tony Stubblebine,
CEO of coach.me


"Bere facilitated a 10-week course for my organization LeadIN which focuses on enabling people to become the leaders they strive to be. Up to that point, I had led every course myself (with one exception early on).  

Bere took on the role as the course facilitator with a lot of responsibility and diligence. With her creativity, innovation, and ownership, she helped me upgrade the existing course content and process.  

Bere brought flexibility and adaptability to her role, while also providing the participants with a sense of stability. Her facilitation clarified the structure LeadIN uses and took it to the next level."

Zarko Palankov, United States
Founder of LeadIN

J Kim Wright

"Bere was the speaker for one of our Legal Changemakers' Cafes.

She had quite a challenge: to tell her story in a coherent and interesting way, using no more than 12 slides, in only six minutes. She did a great job!

She was clear and yet posed a problem that was perplexing her.

It was a great foundation for conversation and fit the purpose perfectly."

J. Kim Wright, Digital Nomad
Legal system entrepreneur


Anna de la Rosa

"Everyone has commented or sent me an email about how they loved our interview! Also they were going to your website to check out everything you offer. My Audience loves you.”

Anna De La Rosa, United States
President of De La Rosa Insurance LLC & Telesummit Host

“Bere gave us a fresh angle on purpose and passion. She believes passion, purpose, and meaning all have a place in our lives. But they don't have to be combined in our daily job necessarily. One size does not fit all. It is important to find what works for you.

I was totally inspired by Bere's message at the end: that it is time for us all as individuals to step up into our leadership roles; to use our unique gifts, talents and skills.”

Lucia Favarin, Canada
Hypnotherapist and coach

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What audience members and participants say:

"...It really appreciate your time and dedication to your group! It was great meeting you and learning from you..."

"...Thank you for leading me through this amazing transformation. My life quality has improved and I feel more empowered to change the world..."

"...I truly appreciate your support and willingness to help all of us to reach our leadership goals..."


"On Medium my post reach went up 177%, engagements 187% and new page likes 300% - all in a month!"

"...I had gotten out of the habit of being consistent in posting and sharing and it was showing in my engagement... This challenge reset and reboosted my focus."

"- I started my FB page,
- I gained 84 followers within the first two weeks (I know it's not a lot, but I am excited since some are not from my network),
- I got the motivation to write again - three articles in the works!
- I recorded my first video,
- I got to know you better and read loads of interesting content,
- I resuscitated my Twitter and Instagram I haven't used since 2015.

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