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Premiere Support for Complex Lives  and Situations(Leaders/Companies/Organizations, etc.)

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There’s a saying that it’s lonely at the top, and perhaps that’s what you’re experiencing at the moment.

For instance, you might be in an exposed situation where you could use someone to lean on. Or you might want to discuss your thought processes and options with someone who is not in your circle. Perhaps you are considering a radical change and need to have a place to safely explore this.

However, you may feel reluctant to reach out for help. It’s a cruel truth that support often seems the hardest to come by when one needs it the most.

However, here is a much more uplifting truth that is equally true: help is often just one ask away, and the things that are stopping you from getting it are much smaller than they might appear.

For instance, what might have stopped you from reaching out for help is that a valid concern you have about your privacy and the confidentiality of your request.

I so understand that need.



I’m  Berenike Schriewer, Ph.D.

As a former attorney who has worked on multi-billion-dollar cases and is qualified for judicial office, I am very sensitive to these concerns.

I deeply get a client’s need for privacy and confidentiality. Integrity is incredibly important to me and I value the trust people place in me.

While our discussions are confidential from the get-go, I also understand that it can take time to build up trust so I invite you to only share what feels comfortable for you.

With that said, shall we talk about how I can help you deal with the challenges you might be facing?

Unique, customized support

You are unique and so is the support structure I will create for you.

During our confidential consultation, I will assess your goals and provide you with a customized package that caters to your specific needs.

Optional elements include:

  • Individual, confidential coaching for you (virtually or in person),
  • Coaching for people in your circle (such as family members, business partners, or employees),
  • Business consulting,
  • Legal consulting (please note that legal consulting is different from legal advice and that I function as your consultant, not as an attorney),
  • Facilitation at company events,
  • Trainings for large groups, small groups, or individuals.

If you would like to explore if what I offer is a good fit for what you are seeking for, please contact me below to set up a confidential consultation.

I look forward to connecting with you. Simply fill out this form and I will be in touch:

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