You Are the Most Dangerous Person You Will Ever Meet

October 7, 2020

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There are some dangerous people out there in the world, people who give us the creeps.

But there’s one person who, hands down, poses the biggest danger to you throughout your life…

... and to find out who that is, let's turn to our magic mirror:

"Mirror, mirror on the wall, who is the most dangerous human of them all?"

Yes, that’s right! You are actually the most dangerous person in your life!

Why you are the most dangerous person in your life

Let’s be real: if we treated others the same way we treat ourselves, we’d all be in jail.

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Case in point: just a few days ago, I accidentally dropped a laptop on my foot because I wasn’t paying enough attention. Thankfully, both my laptop and my foot emerged from it unscathed but it definitely hurt and I could have easily broken my toes.  

That’s a pretty harmless example, right?

Well, negligently hurting another person is something that my home country currently punishes with a fine… or up to 3 years of imprisonment. ‍⚖️

While your actions may or may not have consequences for other people, they certainly affect you, either right now or in the future.


  • Have you ever been distracted while driving? Reckless endangerment (in this case, not only of yourself but also of others)!
  • Have you ever berated yourself? Verbal abuse!
  • Have you ever subjected yourself to a bad diet? Malnourishment!

I could go on and on. (For instance, a common way in which people are hurting themselves is through excessively watching the news.)

Now, I’m sure you can think of much more chilling examples of people being the most dangerous person in their lives, whether that’s in an openly destructive (such as addictive or self-harming behavior) or a more clandestine way (such as not doing preventative things to stay in good health).

So, it looks like you are trapped in an unbreakable bond with the most dangerous person in your life… yourself. That’s the bad news.

But I also have good news for you.

You're not only the most dangerous person in your life, you are also your biggest hope

You have an inbuilt knight in shining armor (hitherto: IKISA)… and that is your better self.


  • Where your inner villain gets you addicted to something, your IKISA signs you up for rehab.
  • Where your inner villain encourages you to return to an abusive partner, your IKISA cuts all ties with them and changes the locks.
  • Where your inner villain takes reckless risks, your IKISA stops, reconsiders, and chooses a saner path.

Here's some live footage of your inner knight in action:


The bad news is that you are the most dangerous person in your life.

The good news is that you have an inbuilt knight in shining armor who loves you and who can not only protect you from your inner villain but also help you create the life of your dreams.

With the choices you make each day, you can either destroy yourself or elevate yourself.

Going forward, whom will you listen to—your inner villain or your inner knight in shining armor?

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About the author

Bere is the founder of Leader for Good. She's a former lawyer and academic who moved from Germany to the United States where she started her own business. Today, Bere loves helping her coaching clients and students connect with their passion and purpose. You can find out more about her coaching business at

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