Meditation for Knowing Yourself: Discover Your True Self

This guided meditation can help you know yourself better. It can also help you connect to your inner knowing and experience your True Self. 

While some aspects of yourself are constantly changing, others are eternal. In this meditation, you will discover how you can know yourself in the midst of constant change.

Make sure that you're in a safe, comfortable place while listening to this. Don't listen to this guided meditation while driving or doing anything that requires your attention.

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Transcript of this guided meditation for knowing yourself

Welcome to this guided meditation for knowing yourself and inner knowledge. As we begin, take a couple of deep breaths in, and out, allowing yourself to fall into a deeper and deeper relaxation. This is a time for yourself, a time to relax. A time to restore and getting in touch with your true self, with a core of your being that can help you. So now that you're feeling more deeply relaxed, imagine yourself at the beach.

And the moon is currently full, bright, shining the way. So even though it is night, you can see footsteps ahead of you. And as you consider following in the footsteps you realize that these are footsteps made by somebody else. They are the path of somebody else, not your own. And so you decide to stay where you are. And taking a moment to reflect on who you are. Knowing this can impact every decision in your life.

And you may wonder how to know your true self. After all, who you are may change depending on the person you talk to or the situation you're in. If you work, you might be very different at work than when talking to a friend or family member. And as you're reflecting these question,. something prompts you to look up at this bright, full moon that's right ahead of you. And as you look at that moon, you realize that the moon appears to change.

It appears to be a full. Or not. It changes all the time, but in a way that is just the appearance from the outside. That's your experience standing there, looking at the moon. The moon itself, it's always as it is, round. And in that same way, your true self doesn't actually change. It just gets reflected differently depending on the situation.

If you are in a hostile environment, you probably do not wish to show a lot of yourself, and that's perfectly understandable. When you find yourself meditating or just having time to reflect you probably are much, much more in touch with the true self. So for now, just take a moment and feel into that quality that does not change. That is ever present. Regardless of anything that shifts on the outside. And allow that to fully feel you. And be curious. This unchanging quality, that is your true self, or at least a part of your true self.

How does it show up right here in this moment? And how can you bring that into your life more completely? And just sit with those questions. In a way, those questions are more important than the answer. You are who you are. You are like the moon. Both unchanging when we look at your true nature and changing all the time, if we look at the appearance.

And now that you know your true nature a bit more, maybe all those changes can actually be pleasant, they can be fun. Like participating in a play. Which character do you get to be today in this particular situation? Are you the hero? Are you the ruler, are you the mentor? Or any other character that comes to mind? None of those define you. These are just the masks that we wear.

The faces that you show to the outside world, but you, your true self has and always will be there, unchanging and yet flexible. And with these thoughts, you quickly bow to the moon, for the lessons that you've learned. And then allow yourself to slowly come back into this reality, bringing all the lessons and insights that you've learned with you and now wiggle your toes, your fingers, maybe stretch a little and come back into this reality. If you like to write down, any insights that you've gotten so that you don't forget them.

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