Meditation for Creativity: Find Your Next Idea

In this meditation for creativity, I introduce you to a place full of creative ideas. Then, you get to pick one of these ideas (don't worry, I'll help you find the right one).

Often, when we're being creative, we think we need to do it all by ourselves. However, that way of thinking can actually keep you from receiving creative ideas. 

As the great Swiss psychiatrist Carl Jung put it:

"People don't have ideas. Ideas have people."

Make sure that you're in a safe, comfortable place while listening to this. Don't listen to this guided meditation while driving or doing anything that requires your attention. You will find a transcription of this meditation at the bottom of this article. 

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Transcript of this guided meditation for creativity

​Welcome to this guided meditation on creativity. As we begin, allow yourself to take a couple of deep breaths in and out, focusing on the out breath. By following your breath out, you're entering into a deeper and deeper relaxation. You're entering into a realm where you can access your imagination, your creativity, and the creativity of the entire universe itself that wants to express itself through you. So take a couple more deep breath out. Breathing in and out, in and out.

And now you find yourself standing surrounded by golden apple trees, on both sides of you, stretching out far into the distance, as far as your eye can see. And these trees are glorious. They're brilliant, shining in the sunlight. Each of these apples represents a creative idea, a spark that can be expressed in the world. And you get to pick one of them. Now, with all these ideas around you, it might be overwhelming to decide which one to pick.

But don't worry, we'll help you get there. So take a moment and get clear on where you're looking for creative inspiration. Is it a whole project? Like an idea for a book or a business? Or is it something small, where you're stuck on one tiny thing and you would like to know how to resolve that creatively? Whatever it is, you can find your solution right here.

So now that you've identified the general area where you're looking for creativity, also get clear on the guidelines. So is this an idea that should be quickly implemented? Is it an idea that should be inexpensive to put into form? Get clear on what exactly you're looking for. This could be as simple as: "I want to figure out how to continue the plot in this book I'm writing." Or it could be something as big as: "I want to know how I want this house that we're building to look like." Either one is completely fine.

So now that you're clear on your parameters, you have permission to walk amongst all these apple trees. And as you're walking, you see a beautiful female tigress, lurking behind a tree. And you know that she doesn't mean you any harm, that she's just curious and that you can continue your walk. In fact, as you turn around, you see this tigress snatching an apple that has fallen on the ground and running off with it.

So now you're alone, alone with all these ideas. And looking for the right one for you, in this moment. And as you're stepping further onto the path between these trees, you notice yourself drawn to one tree in particular. You just have a sense that that's the right one for you. Just like the tigress knew that this apple was the right one for her? You now have reached the right apple tree.

And as you're walking around that apple tree, you identify the idea that can help you right now. There's just one issue. That apple is stuck on the apple tree and it's a huge apple tree. How are you going to get it down? Well, you call out to that idea, to that creative spark, claim it as yours. And as you do, it falls down landing in the arms. You now have an idea. You now have something you can create, a way to express your creativity.

Now, so often when we think about creativity, we think it is something that we do. But often, it is something that is done, that is expressed through us. So with this apple, you might ask yourself, how does that apple, that golden apple representing your creative idea, how does that want to express itself through you? What does it want? You see, the great Jung had this quote about people don't have ideas. Ideas have people.

And this idea that you called down from the tree, it now has you. Not in a creepy way, but in a way where you can actually work together, for the benefit of both of you. You can put this idea into a form. Now, put that apple into your pocket, you notice that whatever you're wearing has now pockets so that you can carry that idea around with you at all times.

And now thank the place that you're in, thank the tree that grew this idea that you're now bringing back to the everyday world and then gradually allow yourself to come back into the current moment. Wiggle your toes, your hands and fingers. And whenever you're read, open your eyes.

And if the idea that you have is something that might have downsides, that's not very quick or easy to implement, take a moment to ask yourself if it makes sense to your rational mind. Do your due diligence before making any decisions that are final.

Creativity is the process of putting something into form. Just having the idea is not enough. You also need to create to put it into form. So get clear on if you want to express this idea, maybe you want to go back and find a different one. And if you're clear that you want to express it, make a plan for how you want to do that. What medium do you want to use?

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Happy creating.

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