Words to Change Your Life: 9 Powerful Mini-Sentences for You

October 11, 2020

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Words can change your life.

Words are powerful. Words are power.

Words create sounds and sounds shape matter, as you can see in this short, powerful video:  

Use these words to change your life: 


One of the most magical words ever. Use this word frequently to reclaim time, increase productivity, and focus on what really matters.


Say yes to whatever really matters to you.

"You are right."

Hands down the fast way to end an argument. 

"Help me."

Asking for help is generally the fastest way to get it.

"I quit."

Quitting something that no longer works for you is the best way to avoid the sunk cost fallacy. This applies to all areas of life (here's how to figure out if you should quit your job). 


This word will help you find your and other people's hidden motivations and drivers. 


This word is even more important than the previous one. By asking how you can make something happen, you become solution-oriented. 

"I see you." (Or: "I hear you.")

We all want to be seen and heard. That's why these words can change your life and the lives of those around you. Use them frequently to assure others that you see them and hear them. 

"I love you."

Use these 3 words frequently with your loved ones (including yourself).

Many spiritual and religious traditions acknowledge the power of words to change lives. 

For instance, in Jewish and Christian scripture the words  יְהִי אוֹר("fiat lux" or "let there be light") play an important role. In Hinduism, Buddhism and Jainism, we find the mantra ("aum" or "om"). 

The 9 mini-sentences I shared above are secular words that will change your life. If you use them

P.S.: Here's a bonus 10th mini-sentence that can do the same thing.

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About the author

Bere is the founder of Leader for Good. She's a former lawyer and academic who moved from Germany to the United States where she started her own business. Today, Bere loves helping her coaching clients and students connect with their passion and purpose. You can find out more about her coaching business at www.workyoulovecoach.com.

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