Listen in to our Women Confidence Conversation.

You'll be hearing perspectives from a diverse group of women. We're from all over the world!

In our discussion, we'll be talking about confidence, women's self-esteem, cultural differences—and how to stop apologizing all the time. Also, be prepared to hear quite a bit about peacocks!

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"Women on Redefining Humility to Shine without Shame."

A fireside chat with four women inviting YOU to join us in redefining humility so we can shine in the world without shame.

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About the Participants in this Women Confidence Conversation

Conversation Guests: 
Maria Mar, the Dream Alchemist and the midwife for the concept of Peacock Humility, is an author, storyteller and shaman. She engages the transformational potency of story and art to empower spiritual, creative women in breaking free from their story of limitations so that they fully embody their purpose, share their gifts and live their brilliance now, just as they are.

Melanie is a conscious entrepreneur, television and business consultant, perspective coach, yoga and meditation teacher specializing in helping other Entrepreneurs, Leadership and Small Businesses transform from the inside out to increase revenue, have a bigger impact and make effective business and life decisions that feel good. She is a clarity maven and joy bearer that believes our most important responsibility is to achieve inner freedom and happiness, one experience at a time.

Shahad is a heart-based, soul-centered emotional processing coach, writer and alchemist, she helps those feeling "empty" and disconnected connect back to their hearts again, embodying who they fully are and feeling their whole sense of vitality and aliveness. You can contact her via email:

Conversation Host: 
Bere is the founder of Leader for Good. Like you, there is a lot more to Bere's story than would fit into a few sentences. Her life experience includes living around the world, working as an attorney on multi-billion and -million-dollar cases, qualifying for judicial office, receiving a PhD from the world oldest institute in international law—and changing her entire life when she realized she was on the wrong track. Today, Bere helps people explore their passion, purpose and power so they can make a positive difference and create work they love. 

Let's continue the discussion about women's self esteem and false humility.

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