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​In Fall 2018, I participated in the Ignite Video Challenge offered by Niamh Arthur. It's a four week challenge where participants receive helpful video tips and record a video each weekday. (Relax: the videos aren't listed on YouTube so only people ​who have the link can see them.)

​Long story short, the challenge was great fun and it it helped me become so much more comfortable with videos. I used to squirm on ​video and now I love it! (I still squirm when ​someone takes a picture of me. Apparently I've only learned how to be confident on video, not on photos.)

They say that an image is worth a thousand words. Well, videos may be worth a million worth. So, here are a few videos to show​ how my comfort level with video has increased: 

First day of the challenge:

Last day of the challenge (less than four weeks later):

So, that's what I got from the Ignite Video Challenge. If you want to get more comfortable on camera (and just in life in general), I highly, highly, highly encourage you to sign up for the Ignite Video Challenge here.

​After the Ignite Video Challenge, I continued on my video marketing journey. I had officially fallen in love with video.

​Here's the first public video I recorded after the Ignite Video Challenge (it's also the first solo public video I've ever recorded):

​And this is a video I recorded a couple of weeks later. I now feel comfortable to talk on video for a really long time, without a script:

I don't think this would have been possible without the Ignite Video Challenge. Thanks to that experience, I feel so much more confident ​and comfortable on video.

I've been working on my YouTube channel for a bit over three months now. I get positive feedback on the videos I'm creating and I've even already gotten an amazing coaching client as a result of my videos.

If you've been wanting to record videos, do yourself a favor and sign up for the challenge. You can thank me later. :)​

​You can sign up for the Ignite Video Challenge here.

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