A Fresh Take on Work-Life Balance & How to Get There

During this episode:

In this episode, I talk to award-winning scientist and spiritual teacher Elijah Petersen about work-life balance.

Having this in our lives helps with maintaining good relationships with the people we care about, being less stressed, feeling happier, being more productive at work and having a richer, fuller life.

However, getting to this place is not easy. How can we find time for all of the things that are important so that we can show up fully at work and in other areas of our lives?

In this episode, we talked about:
- our best advice for having the life you want while also being productive at work,
- why you need a different approach to work-life balance depending on whether you are an employee or entrepreneur,
- the impact of your culture on your work-life balance (and why we should probably all move to the Netherlands...),
- a simple practice that can help you be more productive, and
- our suggestions for leaving work at work.

Important stuff!

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​About ​My Guest

Elijah Petersen is a spiritual teacher with Trillium Awakening.

He received degrees in environmental engineering and psychology and currently work as an environmental scientist in the Washington D.C. Area. 

Integral theory is what brought him into spirituality about ten years ago, and he is deeply versed in this model and has published two integral theory related academic articles.

Elijah has developed a passion for shadow work through healing his own wounding. During this process, he completed a training program in gestalt therapy (although he is not a therapist), and he is also a shamanic practitioner.

Shadow work helps him be more comfortable with and integrate the full spectrum of all that he is, and support other people in finding this Wholeness within themselves.

You can find more about him here

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