Talking Servant-Leadership, Learning & New Entrepreneurship with Valeria Lopez

During this episode:

Bere interviews Valeria Lopez, founder of Onbeat Consulting. Join us for this important conversation!

Some of the many interesting things we talked about: 
- servant-leadership and the importance of service, 
- learning and growth mindset, 
- emotional intelligence
- leaving one's comfort zone, and 
- dealing with the challenges of early entrepreneurship. 

Important topics!

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Show Notes

​Valeria's website ​
​Dare to Suck (Bere's article mentioned in this show)
Servant Leadership
Polarity Management
Mike Krivka (marital arts trainer mentioned in this ​show)

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​About ​Valeria

Valeria E. Lopez is the founder and CEO of OnBeat Consulting, a company that creates customized, interactive training programs to help organizations cultivate healthy and high-trust workplaces.

Valeria started her career in education – working in nonprofit organizations and school districts on early childhood, family and community engagement and adult learner initiatives. She then transitioned to healthcare where she assessed, designed and evaluated programs to strengthen clinical and non-clinical team performance. Valeria enjoys working with diverse audiences in a variety of settings – whether they be early childhood educators, entrepreneurs or Internal Medicine residents in a local hospital. Her expertise includes emotional intelligence, conflict resolution, interpersonal communication and team development.

Valeria obtained her Bachelors degree from Manhattanville College and her Masters degree from Brown University. She is certified in True Colors Personal Success personality framework, True Colors Communication and the MSCEIT Emotional Intelligence ability model. When she's not facilitating trainings or team sessions, Valeria is volunteering in a soup kitchen, supporting hurricane relief efforts and training for salsa dance competitions.

Learn more at

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