Talking the Sensitive Revolutionary with Cara Wilde

During this episode:

Bere interviews Cara Wilde, founder of The Sensitive Revolutionary and host of The Way of the Sensitive Podcast.

Some of the many interesting things we talked about:
- the magical beauty of Cornwall,
- the difference between rebellion and revolution (and what a much-needed internal revolution look like), 

- how the drama triangle shows up in relationships, and

- what leadership is and how it shows up in different situations. 

Good times! 

​I am ​creating this Podcast because I want to help good people make a positive difference in the world. 

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Show Notes: 

Cara's resources: ​new identity - free masterclass
Bere's resources in this episode: unconditional & conditional love // leadership definition
Pre/post fallacy
The Drama Triangle Book
Archetypal Branding Quiz

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More about Cara: 

Cara supports healers, coaches and therapists  who want to make a difference in the world but are feeling stalled in their authentic work and want to reclaim their Soul purpose with clarity, confidence and more joy.

She helps healers, coaches and therapists at any stage of their professional lives who are looking to deepen their spiritual and professional development. Cara left her counselling and more mainstream work behind her when she couldn't use her psychic abilities or work with guides and began to feel as though she was working blind. 

She set up her own business as an EFT practitioner, started to use her channeling and intuitive abilities and felt like she'd got the team on board and helped her clients in making more significant and longer lasting changes in their lives.

As part of her work Cara channels a collective called The Ancients and offers practical guidance and support specific to the needs and concerns of those of us who are deeply sensitive and passionate about creating real change in the world. 

Cara passionately believes that those of us considered misfits are truly here to create a new way in the world and are part of the Divine's blueprint for a Heaven on Earth. 

Cara lives in Cornwall, surrounded by the ocean and stone circles. She home educates her two children and when life gets too hectic, you can find her running the trails or curled up under a heavy blanket with a good book.

You can find her at her website, on facebook, or her youtube channel

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  • Wow, thank you so much for this episode!

    It was so interesting to learn about the drama triangle and the archetypes… and to listen to your wisdom on times of change (I love how “the energy lands first”!).
    On that note, I would be so interested in the “new identity” process Cara mentions, but I couldn’t find the link. Could you maybe (re-)post it in the comments, Bere? Thank you 🙂

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