Talking the Renaissance Activist with Pavita Singh

During this episode:

​I interview my good friend Pavita Singh, founder of​ ​pavEDITa. Pavita is what I’d call a Renaissance Activist: a multi-passionate person with a cause.

Join us for a dose of purposeful inspiration!

Some of the many interesting things we talked about:
​how close Pavita was to losing her dad during 9/11--and how her dad's boss inadvertently saved his life,
​- how the Sikh community (that Pavita is member of) got affected by prejudice in the aftermath of 9/11 and how Pavita got to speak at the White House,
- how a disappointment can sometimes be a blessing in disguise,
- how Social Media has actually helped Pavita become more mindful, not less,  and
- how Pavita pursues her many different passions and how she started her own business.

​Deep conversations! ​

​I am ​creating this Podcast because I want to help good people make a positive difference in the world. 

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Show Notes

Pavita's articles:
Thank You for Not Coming Home
5 Ways Social Media has Helped me Grow Spiritually
​Elephant Journal ​Author page

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More about Pavita

Pavita considers herself a Renaissance woman and a student of life, and she is always excited about meeting new people and learning new things. She is passionate about such topics as mental health, education, creative arts, empowerment of girls and women, reproductive health, travel and languages, and writing and editing. Pavita has her Master's in Public Health in Social & Behavioral Sciences from Yale University.

At present, Pavita works as the Director of Content & Communications at Konversai—an online knowledge sharing platform, and the Director of Programs & Outreach at Girls Health Ed—a health education nonprofit. She also has her own editing business called pavEDITa.

Her many hobbies include yoga, reading, writing, creative arts, cooking, dancing, baking, social media, napping, laughing, learning, listening to people, telling funny stories and jokes, and traveling.

​So far, Pavita has traveled in 34 countries and 24 U.S. states, and she is excited to continue her explorational journey. Pavita's main goal in life is to constantly make the world and herself a little bit better and to have fun doing it, leaving a little sparkle in the world with light, love, learning, & laughter along the way.​

​You can connect with her on Facebook and Instagram. 

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