Meaningful Work: Why It’s Important & What You Can Do

In this episode, I talk about meaningful work. 

As you might know, I think this is such an important topic. Work can be one of the best ways people make a difference in the world and bring meaning to their life. Unfortunately, that's really not the case for most people.

Hence, this episode where I cover:
- why meaningful work is so important,
- what Viktor Frankl (psychiatrist, bestselling author, and concentration camp survivor) taught about the relationship between work and meaning,
- why it's so hard to have meaningful work and what might hold you back from having it,
- why it's so important to redefine success. 

I am creating this Podcast because I want to help good people make a positive difference in the world. 

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Show Notes

My Journey To Having Work I Love (video mentioned in this episode)

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