How to Feel More Calm in 5 Minutes (Meditation)

​In this episode:

​​​In this ​episode I share how my client discovered a practice that allowed him to easily improve every day of your life. I also share how you can do the very same thing, in less time than it takes you to get a coffee!

​(Yes, you probably guessed it: the answer is meditation!

Meditation is so crucial, especially in challenging times. In this episode, I'm sharing a 5-minute meditation with you that you can do every day to feel more focused and calm.)

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​Today's episode consists of two videos. The first one is the intro (​for context), the second one is the meditation I mentioned in the first video (good for repeat listening since we jump straight into the meditation).

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​All in one place and with an intro: 

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  • In 2006, I learned how to meditate and it changed my life! It does all the wonderful things you say it does, but it also helps you discover your life purpose. I am so happy that I started my meditation practice and I still do it till this day for the many, many benefits!

    • Oh wow, I’m so glad meditation helped you discover your life purpose, Helen! That’s wonderful. And, great job on sticking with meditation since 2006. That takes a lot of consistency!

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