Marketing and Monetization Masterclass

Monetization and Marketing 101

Marketing and Monetization is a 120-minute masterclass where you will learn the following in a simple and fun manner:

  • how to build your business with practically no risk,
  • the 3 stages your business will go through (and the optional 4th stage),
  • how to keep your business expenses low (and why it matters),
  • different income streams and ways to monetize your passion (and which one might be the best for you),
  • how to price your services and products,
  • the 3 human needs that people are happy to spend money on,
  • what marketing really is and the different ways to market your business, and
  • the 4 different groups of people you could offer your services to (and which one to focus on), and
  • what traps to avoid when you do Social Media marketing (you don't want to get this one wrong!).

Upon completing this masterclass, you will feel:

  • clarity where there once was confusion, 
  • motivation to start (or grow) your business, 
  • more direction and a deeper understanding of what's important, and
  • a greater sense of productivity and efficiency because you  have a better sense of where you should spend your time and money (this alone can save you a ton of time and money!). 


Why you should learn from me:

  • For over a year, I've been the trusted facilitator for an ongoing promotional challenge at (an app that's backed by Twitter founders Ev Williams and Biz Stone). 
  • During that time, I've spend a fraction of almost every work day helping dozens of entrepreneurs (like yourself) from all over the world develop a more solid marketing habit. (That's in addition to the individual business consulting I'm doing with my private coaching clients). 
  • I've invested a multiple five-figure amount to learn about business building, monetizing one's passion, and marketing... and I'm ready to share what I learned with you for far less!
  • In the past, I successfully managed Facebook pages for one of the world's largest mindfulness website. I grew one of them by 50% in a few months, without spending any money on ads. 
  • Speaking of Facebook, I've earned five-figures from connections I've made on that platform... even though my own Facebook page has under 200 likes and I hardly spend any time on it!
  • I really care about being in integrity so I will show you how to market and build your business in a way that feels good

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About your teacher

The Work You Love Revolution

Hi, I'm Berenike Schriewer, Ph.D. (or just call me "Bere"). 

I'm the author of "The Work You Love Revolution: Work Less, Earn More, and Never Hate Your Job Again" and the creator of the course "3 Weeks to Start Your Passion Business."

A couple of years ago, I was a high-paid attorney working on multi-billion and million dollar cases, qualified for judicial office, about to complete my Ph.D. from the world's oldest university institute in international law...

...and miserable because I wasn't doing my life's work.

One day, while getting a root canal at my dentist’s office, I realized that I literally preferred that type of pain over being at work (ouch!).

Eventually, I made a radical change that involved leaving the career I had spent a decade building so I could move to the US to be with the love of my life and build a business from scratch that is in alignment with my passion.

While I’m so much happier now and living very comfortably on the US East Coast, my path to getting there was harder than it needs to be.

After having helped a hundreds of people on six continents (and counting!), I know that you don’t have to take crazy risks to get paid for doing something you love to do. 

If you want to express your gifts and talents, help others and begin earning an income doing it, there's an easier way to do it. (Hint: it doesn't require you to hand in your notice or move around the world.)

In this Masterclass, I will show you how!

Sondra Kornblatt

"Berenike is a wise mastermind for working with passion and purpose." 

Sondra Kornblatt // United States // Author of “Restful Insomnia” and “Brain Fitness for Women”

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Only 15 USD
(a 50 USD value)



100% Satisfaction Guarantee

You are fully protected by our 100% Satisfaction-Guarantee. If you don't get results within 30 days after your purchase, just let us know and we'll send you a prompt refund.


What you'll receive:

When you sign up for this workshop, you will receive:

  • recording of a 120-minute masterclass on the basics of monetization and marketing (this will give you the confidence that you're focusing on the right thing), 
  • invitation to my next coaching call where you will be able to ask me your questions (so that you can feel supported on your path).

    But wait... there's more for you: 


Accomplished entrepreneur

Top Productivity Resources that will help you get more done in your business with less stress

A curated list of the 7 best productivity resources I know for becoming more efficient and structuring your time better.


"Tame the Expense Dragon" Spreadsheet that can help you increase your profit by decreasing your expenses

A simple spreadsheet and a fun challenge (or shall we call it quest?) that can save you hundreds or even thousands of dollars each year!

(limited to the first 100 people only)

Smiling women working on a laptop

Cheat Sheet with my favorite tech recommendations for your content creation

A cheat sheet with all the tech tools you need to start a blog, podcast or vlog so you know right away which solutions to choose (no more second-guessing or wasting time!).

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Only 15 USD
(a 50 USD value)

"...I feel more empowered to change the world."

"Thank you for leading me through this amazing transformation. My life quality has improved and I feel more empowered to change the world. Thank you!"

Melina // United States

Here are just some results from people I've helped with their marketing:

"On Medium my post reach went up 177%, engagements 187% and new page likes 300% - all in a month!"

"...I had gotten out of the habit of being consistent in posting and sharing and it was showing in my engagement... This challenge reset and reboosted my focus."

"- I started my FB page,
- I gained 84 followers within the first two weeks (I know it's not a lot, but I am excited since some are not from my network),
- I got the motivation to write again - three articles in the works!
- I recorded my first video,
- I got to know you better and read loads of interesting content,
- I resuscitated my Twitter and Instagram I haven't used since 2015.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any prerequisites for this class? 

You need to have an internet connection that allows you to attend a webinar or watch videos and understand English well enough to follow along.

If you've made it to the button of this page, I'd say you're ready to go!

Will you teach slimy marketing tactics?  

No, definitely not! I care about integrity just as much as you do.

How long does this class last? 

The content itself runs for about 120 minutes: a 90-minute presentation with a 30-minute Q&A/coaching section. 

The content is divided into 3 video segments for easier consumption. 

Do I already need to have a business to benefit from this class?

No!  What we cover in this course will be helpful for you even if you're just starting out. You will receive a recording so you can go back to it any time you want.

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Only 15 USD
(a 50 USD value)



100% Satisfaction Guarantee

You are fully protected by our 100% Satisfaction-Guarantee. If you don't get results within 30 days after your purchase, just let us know and we'll send you a prompt refund.


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