3 Weeks to Start Your Passion Business (or Project)

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About this course

​What's a more taboo conversation topic than sex? Money! I kid you not. When it comes to our relationship to money, we basically have three options:- become a monk/nun and renounce the material world as far as possible, - live in the material world and struggle with money, or- live in the material world and become competent and comfortable with money. You can probably guess which option I would recommend.

So, how does this relate to you creating work you love?

One of the main reasons people stay in work situations they don't love is money. By being in a good financial situation, you can reduce your dependence on the abusive Sugar Daddy/Mommy/non-binary parental figure that is your job. And, there are two sides to being in a good financial situation:- increasing income (​which can include ​creating another income stream), and- decreasing ​spending. Barring catastrophic circumstances, the latter is more in your control which is why we'll look into that in our next chapter.

Resource on increasing income (totally optional):

- Abundance Healing Only listen to this if you're okay with some woo-woo (it's totally fine if you're not). This is a 5-minute healing I created to help people heal their blocks to abundance, heal their limiting beliefs around money, and open up to receiving. You can listen to this every day, if you like.

Here's what people say about this: "Just listened to it. What's funny - I just arrived at my parents, and my dad told me that for my tax return, I should be expecting $2 000. And my mom offered to pay for my gas, since I'm not making that much right now." ~ Julius, Canada

"And wow, what a wonderful way to start my day :) I enjoyed that and the energy it created immensely <3." ~ Chris, Australia

"I listen to the abundance healing guided meditation in the morning before leaving for work. I find that I am calmer and more prepared for the challenges of the day afterwards. I most appreciate the confidence you inspire and guiding me to a fuller embrace of my own prosperity and abundance."  ~ Dan, USA

 (I've previous sold this but stopped making it available so right now, you can only get this if you're a private client of mine - or if you're taking this course.)

Resource on ​decreasing ​spending (totally optional):

​- Mr. Money Moustache's Website If you like, spend 15 minutes reading some of the articles on this website that interests you, for instance, this one on hedonic adaptation . I personally favor a less extreme approach to money and don't agree with everything he writes. At the same time, I find he has really interesting points that counterbalance our society's typical conditioning, which really helps people to reconsider their relationship to money.

Course Structure

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6 Chapters

WEEK 1: Creating a Solid Foundation: Mindset, Money & our Map

In this week, we will set you up for success! We will cover mindset, money, and the Work You Love Map.

Why This Course? 2 Lessons

Setting Your Intention for This Course

Time to set your intention for this course!

The World Needs What You Have to Offer

Here's why we need your "passion to profit" project out in the world.

Things to Keep in Mind 5 Lessons

Goals for This Module

By the end of this module you will have adopted a proactive approach to changing your work situation and your finances.

This Mindset Can Help You Succeed

This lesson will help you shift your mindset to a more proactive one.

How to Get the Most Value out of This Course (and Everything You Do)

In this lesson, I reveal what it really takes to get the most out of anything you do.

How to Be as Efficient as Possible with This Course (and in Life in General)

In this lesson, I'll share the secret (that's not really a secret) to efficiency. This can also help you avoid becoming overwhelmed. 

This Distinction Can Steer You in the Right Direction in Life

In this lesson, we'll look into one core distinction that can help you navigate life more skillfully. 

Time to Break a Taboo: Let's Talk Money 3 Lessons

Here’s Why We Need to Talk About Money

In this lesson, we'll look into one's approach to finances and money. How does it help or hinder your journey to having work you love?

Let’s Start to Improve Your Financial Situation

In this lesson, we'll look into how you can start improving your financial situation, starting today.

The Nasty Money-or-Meaning-Dilemma

In this lesson, we'll take a look at the money-or-meaning-dilemma that stops a lot of people from creating meaningful work.

Let's Revisit the Work You Love Recipe & the Passion Roadmap 3 Lessons

So, What’s the Change You’re Really Looking For?

When I talk to people, they often use the words passion, purpose, and path somewhat indiscriminately: “How do I find my passion?” “What’s my purpose?” “What’s my path in life?”

Let's clarify what we're actually talking about.

What Do You Need so You Can Love Your Work?

In this lesson, we'll look into the key components of work you love. This will give you an understanding of what to look for when creating work you love.

Where Are You and Where Are You Headed?

This lesson introduces the Passion Roadmap. This will give you clarity about where you are, where you're going, and how your "passion to profit" project will help you get there.

Accountability Check 1 Lesson

Accountability Check

Keeping you accountable.

Courage and Clarity Training/Coaching Calls 2 Lessons

Claim Your Audacious Goals Training

In this call, you will learn claim your audacious goals and discover how to change your relationship to fear so you can take action with confidence.

Take Action With Confidence Training and Coaching

Here you will find the recording of our first bonus coaching call.

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4 Chapters

WEEK 2: Let's Start to Figure Things Out: Pick Your Profitable Passion Project!

This week is all about clarity: you will move from confused to having more clarity about your passion and how to bring it into the world.

At the end of this module, you will have a one-sentence description of your profitable passion project!

Passion Pathways: Choose Your Weapon 2 Lessons

Recap: What Is a Profitable Passion Project?

Here's what you'll be creating.

Which Pathway Is the Right One for You?

In this lesson, we'll explore how you will bring your passion into the world. 

Figure out Your Passion (Once and for All— or Just for Today) 4 Lessons

Don’t Fall into This Trap When Figuring out Your Passion

This lesson introduces a principle that will help you get the most out of this module.

What Should You Do if You Don’t Know Your Passion?

If you have trouble identifying your passions, you might have to change the question. Ask yourself these 3 questions to get clarity.

What If You Have Multiple Passions?

A frequently asked question. 

How Clear Do You Have to Be?

How this process works.

Putting It All Together 2 Lessons

Your Profitable Passion Project in a Single Sentence

We've reached the last lesson in this module. Time to put it all together!

Accountability Check

Time for an accountability check!

Training/Coaching Call 1 Lesson

Productively Leave Your Comfort Zone Training

In this call, we will explore the two next steps on the Passion Roadmap and look into how you can improve your current work situation and how to start your "passion to profit" project. There's also a surprise for you!

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5 Chapters

WEEK 3: Take Action—Let's Get This Profitable Passion Project Started!

In this week, you will start your passion business/profitable passion project! Because I will share with you exactly how to deal with the tech side of things, it will be easier than you expect.

At the end of this module, you will feel great about finally having taken action on something that's so important to you!

Tech Stuff Made Simple (so Nothing Can Hold You Back) 4 Lessons

The Easiest Way to Start a Blog

In this lesson, I'll show you the easiest way to start a blog. 

The Easiest Way to Start a Podcast

In this lesson, I'll show you the easiest way to start a podcast. 

The Easiest Way to Start Vlogging

In this lesson, I'll show you how to the easiest way to start vlogging.

The Easiest Way to Start Working With a Client

In this lesson, I'll show you the easiest way to start working with clients. 

Uplevel Your Inner Game (so You Can Step Forward with Confidence) 3 Lessons

Dare to Suck

This lesson will help you move from perfectionism into action.

Make Friends With Your Fears

This lesson will help you decrease your level of fear as you step outside of your comfort zone.

Additional Resources for Upleveling Your Inner Game

In this lesson, I share some additional pieces of resources that can help you uplevel your inner game.

How to Create Your First Tangible Result 3 Lessons

Your First Blog Posts: 3 Types of Blog Posts That Are Easy to Write & That Readers Love

In this video, I will share 3 types of blog posts with you that are easy to write and that people love.

A Super-Simple Structure for Your First Podcast Episodes That Your Guests Will Love

In this episode, I will share a suggested (super-simple) structure for your first podcast episodes with you.

A Super-Simple Structure & Fun Prompts for Your First Videos

In this lesson, I will share a suggested (super-simple!) structure for your first videos with you. To make it even easier for you to get started, I will also give you prompts to play with.

DO IT! 2 Lessons

Take the Leap

This lesson will challenge you to start your Purposeful Passion Project.

Accountability Check

Time for an accountability check.

Marketing, Monetization, and Money Training/Coaching Calls 2 Lessons

Marketing and Monetization Training

In this call, you'll learn the basics about monetization and marketing!

Money Mastery Training and Coaching

In this call, you'll learn about money mastery... and you'll learn from the coaching questions of fellow course participants.

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2 Chapters

Bonus Coaching Calls & Webinar

In this module, you will find recordings of live calls.

Bonus Coaching Calls 3 Lessons

Bonus Coaching Call December 2020

In this coaching call, we talked about how to manage your energy (which is even more important than managing your time), how to get started writing on Medium, and how to deal with impostor syndrome when taking steps forward in your business.

Bonus Coaching Call November 2020

In this coaching call, we talk about tech troubles (and their resolution), fitness offers during times of COVID, and how to not let perfectionism stop you.

Bonus Coaching Call 2019

Recording of Office Hours 1

Webinar Recording 1 Lesson

From Crisis to Opportunity: How to Create Your Passion Path Now

In this webinar, you will discover how to turn a crisis into an opportunity to start your passion path now.