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Soccer ball and trophy

Be More Productive with the Power of Playfulness

Find out how what we can learn from research and top athletes about the “goldilock’s zone of pressure”… and how playfulness can make you more productive.

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Boat on the shore

You Don’t Need to Be Productive Right Now

Are you struggling to remain productive while things are falling apart around you? Here’s some counter-cultural productivity advice for unprecedented times.

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Monk in a train station

Being a Quitter Is One of the Best Ways to Approach Your Life

Sometimes, quitting is the best thing you can do for your career, your health, or your life. Find out about 2 times when it pays off to be a quitter!

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How to Embrace Reduction in a World of Excess

In our quest for a better life, we so often focus on what to add. But what if it were just as important to let go off things? If you are ready to move beyond the busyness and hustle, cut down on these things to bring about peace in your life.

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Weekly planning calendar

How to Plan Your Day for Maximum Productivity

This quick process that will help you plan your day for maximum productivity. Find out why you need to trick your brain and what Latin has to do with it.

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Happy woman working

9 Tips on How to Achieve Better Work-Life Balance

Find out how to achieve better work-life balance so that you can have the life you really want while also being really productive at work.

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Dragon statue

We’re All Addicted to Bad News. Here’s How to Stop.

​In this ridiculously long blog post, I share what I learned over half a decade about how to stop reading the news.

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How to Easily Improve Every Day of Your Life

How to Easily Improve Every Day of Your Life [Video]

​In this video I share how my client discovered a practice that allowed him to EASILY improve every day of your life. 🤩 I also share how you can do the very same thing, in less time than it takes you to get a coffee! ☕️

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Don't Do This When You Haven't Slept Well

Don’t Do This When You Haven’t Slept Well… [Video & Gift]

Here’s my surprising advice for what you shouldn’t do when you’re sleep-deprived. Keep this in mind the next time you haven’t gotten enough sleep.

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life tip I learned from a top lawyer - Never do this with important emails

Here’s How to Handle Important Emails [Video]

In this video, I share an important life tip I learned from a top lawyer: never do this with important emails!

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