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Black Lives Matter Demonstration

A Legal Analysis of the Argument That “Blue Lives Matter”

From a human rights perspective, there are huge differences between “Black Lives Matter” and “Blue Lives Matter.” A lawyer explains them in 2 minutes.

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Do more and donate

Effective Altruism: How Small Donations Can Change Someone’s Life

Want to do some good in the world by donating money to a cause? Your donations might be unhelpful— here’s what you need to consider.

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Black Lives Matter sign

Black Lives Matter: This Is About Human Rights, Not Politics

There is nothing that should be controversial about a statement such as “Black Lives Matter.” Here’s a summary of the human rights situation in 6 sentences.

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Building with a balloon behind it

Why You Need to Share Your Gifts as Soon as You Can

This week I learned a crucial lesson about sharing one’s gifts. What happened was what I can only refer to as a digital “freak accident”: while trying to…

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Women in the midst of red smoke

How to Find Your Superpower and Stop It From Ruining Your Life

Good news: you have a superpower! Bad news: it comes with a great challenge. Find out how to keep your superpower from destroying your life!

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Boxer confidently walking towards the ring

This Is How to Overcome Impostor Syndrome

Discover how to overcome impostor syndrome so that you can be a confident badass and go for what you most want.

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Woman raising her hands

How to Be Proactive (Not Reactive)

In this article and video I talk about the many benefits of a proactive mindset and what it can do for you. I also give you advice on how to be proactive (not reactive) when it comes to having work you love.

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life tip I learned from a top lawyer - Never do this with important emails

Here’s How to Handle Important Emails [Video]

In this video, I share an important life tip I learned from a top lawyer: never do this with important emails!

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Group gathering with French flags

Are We Actually Applauding the Right Heroes?

Who are then, some worthy heroes to admire? The first person who comes to mind for me is Stanislav Petrov. You might not know him but you owe him. Big time.

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Two men at work

Is This an Example of Business as a Force for Good?

The idea of business as a force for good may be gaining traction worldwide. But how does that look like in practice? Here’s an inspirational example!

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