life tip I learned from a top lawyer - Never do this with important emails

Here’s How to Handle Important Emails [Video]

In this video, I share an important life tip I learned from a top lawyer: never do this with important emails!

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Group gathering with French flags

Are We Actually Applauding the Right Heroes?

Who are then, some worthy heroes to admire? The first person who comes to mind for me is Stanislav Petrov. You might not know him but you owe him. Big time.

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Bad habits

Should You Really Trust the Hype about Habits?

Habits are not just good or positive. In this article, I’ll describe the 5 main reasons why the idolization of habits is problematic.

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Two men at work

Is This an Example of Business as a Force for Good?

The idea of business as a force for good may be gaining traction worldwide. But how does that look like in practice? Here’s an inspirational example!

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Barista wearing a Nirvana shirt.

Is Compassion for Others the Superpower of Influential People?

A series of losses has led me to reflect on the importance of having compassion for others (and oneself!). Here’s what I learned from this challenging time.

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Unethical Marketing: Is This the Most Manipulative Version?

I’m so fed up with unethical marketing. A few days ago, I signed up for someone’s email list. This person has been sending me…

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